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LithoInspect Inline

100% inspection of printed products

LithoInspect is a powerful system for complete image control on printing machines or during the print finishing process. The geometric resolution of the system (DPI) can be scaled within wide limits.

Application areas

  • Die cutters
  • Digital and offset printing machines
  • Flexographic printing

Customer benefits

  • Freely selectable inspection width and resolution
  • Short setting time
  • Inspection against reference image
  • Activation of an existing ejector
  • Extensive logging of all errors
  • Interface for PDF inspection

Performance features

  • Scalable resolution
  • Integrated, maintenance-free LED lighting
  • Adjustable error limits
  • Reference values selectable during full sheet control
  • Recognition of the smallest image differences(hickeys, scratches, stains, mixed typefaces, etc.)
  • Alarm output for processing in machine control systems
  • Error and history logs, touch operation

Scope of delivery

  • RGB line camera with lighting
  • LithoInspect software
  • Control cabinet with industrial PC and control unit
  • 21“ TFT Touch


  • QR/barcode testing
  • 0/45° or dome lights

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