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Founding of Lithec GmbH in Gelnhausen

The company got founded as a consequence to 4P Nicolaus / Pulheim ordering ten spectral measurement systems ICS 2D, the predecessor of the Densitronic professional.


Development of the Densitronic Professional for KBA

The Densitronic Professional becomes the world's most manufactured 2D-Measurement system.
1400 Devices have been installed to this day.

Until 2012 Lithec was an exclusive Supplier to KBA - today we offer a palette of machine links.


LithoCheck for die cutters

LithoCheck, a control system gets installed on 8 die cutters at 4P Nicolaus and Busche Druck. By 2016 a complete redesign had been carried out.
Even when installed on the fastest die cutters - erroneous sheets are still reliably detected.

Spectral measurement withins image

This revolutionary spectral measurement process takes place within the image and without the need for control bars.


Lithec moves to bavaria

Lithec moves to a new spacious building located in Miesbach.


Dynamic control

Developed in 2002, our fully-featured and proven dynamic control "LithoDyn" guarantees the fastest ROI by reducing the startup waste and its incredible boost to make-ready. Concerted zonal over- and undermodulation allows for optimization even in cases of low area coverage.
All Lithec measurement systems can be equipped with this option if only the machine link allows for it.


Densitronic Basic

Development of a traversing measurement system on KBA control panels.
More than 600 systems have been sold to this day.


Densitronic PDF

First PDF-Scanner produced for KBA with area cameras.


1st time - Lithec at DRUPA

Until then Lithec acted as an exclusive supplier to KBA.
This year Lithec presented all its products, including the first prototype of a LithoFlash Inline - at its own stand.


LithoFlash Inline

In 2012 Lithec entered the era of dynamic inline measurement and control. ROI in less than twelve months has become reality. Since the first installation at Printer Trento more than 80 LithoFlash systems have been installed on new and used presses.
Lithoflash Inline - systems are mostly found with KBA sheet-fed presses. Among them several larger installations like Printer Trento with 5 devices and 11 devices at

But also customers coming from manroland, RMGT, Komori and others can use the highly-effective inline measurement systems manufactured by Lithec.

A first installation on a web press runs very successfully since 11/2015.


LithoInspect inline / LithoSpectral Web

Lithec upgrades its PDF-Scanner with line scan cameras. Dome and 0/45° lighting are optional. LithoInspect is capable to cope with the fastest presses.

LithoSpectral uses a ground-breaking spectral camera for inline Lab-Measurement - all zones are being measured in parallel.

LithoCheck is completely modernized and allows for a high-speed validation in 10ms - quick enough make a sheet stop on the feed table.